Billings Method England

The Billings Ovulation Method® as developed by the Drs. Billings, Australia validated by eminent international scientists and successfully trialled by the World Health Organisation.

Using the body’s natural signal of fertility to achieve or avoid pregnancy and to safeguard your reproductive health.

One of the most highly researched methods of family planning that exists today. The method consistently shows success of over 99% in avoiding pregnancy and 65-78% in achieving pregnancy in sub fertile couples. In trials the WHO states it is a very, very effective method of family planning. But it is so much more than this, it is also an excellent tool for monitoring her reproductive health and most definitely "...knowledge of her body that every woman ought to have." Dr. Evelyn Billings.


Managing your fertility:

Would your lifestyle be enhanced if you could:

  • Manage your fertility naturally?
  • Regulate fertility while breast feeding naturally?
  • Manage menopause naturally?

The Billings Ovulation Method® of Natural Fertility Regulation can assist you in all of these areas of life.

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Baby feet

Wanting a baby? Having trouble conceiving? There’s a natural alternative to IVF...

The Billings Ovulation Method® will help a woman to interpret her natural signs of fertility and infertility which can assist in planning a family.

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Latest Book

Billings Method: Controlling Fertility without Drugs or Devices (New Edition)

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