Managing fertility

Daily observations are made by the woman as she goes about her normal everyday activities, these should be recorded on a personal record chart. The Billings teacher will help her to know what to look out for and how to identify her patterns of fertility and infertility. Keeping a record of the presence or absence of any mucus symptoms soon becomes second nature. Each woman is an individual with her own unique patterns of fertility and infertility. There are 4 simple rules to follow. It is not just about pinpointing fertility but is also the positive recognition of infertility allowing the woman to know her fertile state and then for the couple to make the best decision – to wait during the fertile phase if a child is not to be conceived or to try and conceive if that is their wish. In the infertile phase there is complete freedom.

Manage your fertility the Billings Ovulation Method® way

  • Controlling fertility without devices or drugs. No hormones or chemicals.
  • Has no harmful side effects.
  • Builds up understanding, communication, respect and sensitivity in the relationship.
  • Easy to learn. The result of a WHO trial indicated at least 90% of all women, worldwide, could produce a recognisable chart of their fertility after one teaching session.
  • This method recognises fertility as a gift.
  • For the achievement or avoidance of pregnancy
  • It can be used while breastfeeding and through the change of life (perimenopause)
  • This knowledge allows any abnormalities to be recognised and provides an invaluable guide for general gynaecological health.

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